It was spring of 2019. After sulking over a guy, for a few days, my friends somehow convinced me to go on a date. Since it was set up to take my mind off of the recent heartbreak I had encountered, I had no expectations going in to this. Although, something didn’t feel right the day of…

There I was, at a live music brunch, sipping a mimosa while WAITING for my date to arrive. Thirty minutes pass, forty, forty-five minutes and still no date. Luckily the live band was playing some good music so at least I had something to enjoy during the wait. 

Almost an hour passed by when my date finally arrived. He knew he had to make it up to me so I made him dance with me for as long as I pleased! The weather was perfect, the music was perfect and the vibes were perfect. Not to mention, he could really dance. By the end of the brunch, we danced so much that we were starving. He suggested we see a movie and get some food. (I should add that going to the movies is another pastime I love, next to dancing!) This date was beginning to make a complete 180.

We arrived at the theater and decided to watch a Disney movie; so cute! After we got our tickets, we ordered a lot of food because we were pretty hungry. Now anyone who knows me knows that every time I see a movie I always order the pretzel bites with nacho cheese. In fact, he even knew this because I mentioned it to him right before we ordered. 

That night, I ordered my pretzel bites with cheese, a hot dog, and a medium Vanilla Orange HI-C (with light ice). He ordered a pizza, a hot dog, nachos, and a large sprite. We agreed to share a medium popcorn together and sour patches.

About halfway into the movie, I noticed that most of the popcorn was gone (I only had a scoop by that point). I also noticed that he had finished all of his food. Like I said earlier, we danced for a very long time so it made sense that he devoured his food. However, what didn’t make sense was what happened next.

I was eating my pretzel bites when I felt his hand knock my hand out of the way and grab my tray. He then proceeded to eat my pretzel bites one by one, dipping them into my cheese. Thank the Lord I never double dip, but still… That was very nasty and extremely disrespectful. Eventually, he turned to me and said, “I’m sorry, are you gonna eat that?” I’m unsure if shock or frustration overcame me first, but my mood had indeed changed. When he tried to offer them back to me I sharply declined and focused on the movie for the rest of the evening. He obviously had no awareness of my space or of my food. Yep, I was heated! And I should’ve known that this date would end worse than how it started.

As soon as the movie ended I thanked him for the dancing and jolted to my car. Looking back on the date now, I really think my frustration stemmed from not feeling considered by him. It was less about him being late or eating my food, and more about him not considering my time or my feelings because of his actions. I try to be considerate towards others and simply ask for the same in return. 

It’s safe to say that he and I haven’t been on a date (together) since!

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