I can’t believe we’re already on our third story! I hope you all are enjoying what you’ve read so far. There’s definitely more to come!

(For confidentiality, all names are fictional.)

You remember your first love? You know, the one who came after your “puppy-love” phase? That was Mr. X for me. I’d say he was my first love. He triggered a lot of emotions and possibilities I never knew existed, until he came along.

He was older, sophisticated, and fiery. He was the total opposite of my ex, a.k.a my “puppy-love ex.” This guy had passion and confidence, not insecurity and arrogance!

He came into my job while I was having a bad afternoon, that particular day. I remember my coworker pointing him out to me and mentioning she’s seen him before. At first glance he seemed put together and in great shape, but that was really it for me. Twenty minutes later he approached my desk with the most beautiful smile and introduced himself to me. The moment I shook his hand and looked into his eyes, I knew he would be different. We ended up talking for a good while when I eventually gave him my number. As I watched him leave, my coworker screamed with excitement. I think she was more enraptured by him, than I was!

Fast forward to a few months later. By this point, Mr. X and I had become very good friends. I would see him every week and we spent a lot of time together. I was in school, so we had to work around my schedule. But we made it work. He was a true gentleman with so much class, and I admired that about him. I even experienced my first “fine dining” outing with him, and I loved it! I loved him.

So I bet you’re wondering where did things go wrong? Well here’s where it all shifted. Wait for it…

My school offered me an opportunity to move across the country and expand on my education. It was the chance of a lifetime and I couldn’t let it slip away, so I accepted the offer. The night that I told Mr. X of my future plans, is the night I saw another side to him.

I thought he would be supportive and happy for me. Instead he was downcast and negative. He actually thought it was a bad idea and said my education would suffer terribly. Of course, I was shocked by his response. I even remember thinking to myself he’s had his chance at growth and was well into his career, so why shouldn’t I have the same! But seeing that I was sold on moving, he backed off and we continued dating. Things were a little awkward, but we tried to push through.

After I had moved, I traveled back and forth to spend time with him. We spent that Christmas together and it was amazing. So it was to my complete surprise that a few months later he would be ending things, by telling me we could no longer be friends! I was heartbroken. I really thought he and I would take things more seriously when I finished school, but I guess he had other plans in mind.

Guess I was wrong!

The irony of it all is he eventually found someone else (long term), then became single again, and I never once regretted my decision to move! In fact, I grew well into my career because of it! A few years later, he and I randomly reconnected and became friends again. But strictly friends. Now, he’s dating an acquaintance of mine and there’s no awkwardness between any of us whatsoever.

I guess when you mature, you can let go of certain things and accept the past for what it was… The past!


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