Have you ever met someone, to only discover you can’t judge a book by its cover? Well, this story is just that… Except I don’t think you’ll expect to read what’s all on these pages!

It was around New Years (a few years back) and you know what they say, “The person you bring in the New Year with is the one you’ll spend that year with.” Well forgive me for actually thinking he and I would last the entire year! I’m a hopeless romantic…

I met this guy at a small dinner and seriously couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. He was 6’4” with beautiful skin and smelled so good. I’m pretty sure my knees gave out when he introduced himself to me. He had this sharp suit on, but carried himself with “so much swag,” as Beyonce would say. I don’t think I’d ever seen someone so beautiful, at the time.

To be honest, what drew me to him the most was his demeanor that night. Like I said, his swag and carriage was on point. My friends always get on me because I typically go for guys who are more rough, simply because they have the most swag. Sorry not sorry! But this time around they were shocked because this guy was very classic with a dose of swag.

Throughout the months, he was the perfect gentleman. He would pick me up and take me out, quite a bit. He would open my door and close it. He paid for everything and showered me with so much chivalry. And did I mention he could play basketball (he is 6’4”). But most importantly, HE COULD DANCE (AHHH)! I was definitely loving the cover AND the first few chapters of his book.

As soon as I started anticipating the climax of his story, boy was I caught off guard. Everything was going so well until it wasn’t anymore. Our relationship randomly shifted, and it was becoming one thing after another.

Wait for it!

First, I met his family. His parents were very nice. However, he was different. In fact, he was VERY different around them. It was almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was in front of me. I mean his demeanor changed, his speech changed, and everything from his clothing down to his NAME changed. Not to mention, his mother kept calling me “Tiffany” (which is not my name, by the way)! It was all weird.

Then, a few days after that incident, I received a random message from his EX GIRLFRIEND! Yup, you read it correctly, his ex girlfriend. I don’t even think there’s enough room on this page to share HALF of how that turned out. It was all just unfolding terribly. At the time, I couldn’t even tell you what was worse: The fake persona or the hurting ex. Both were intense.

The final straw was him telling me he didn’t know how to be with me. Somehow, over the course of some months (while we were dating) he knew how to be with me. But after everything came into the light, I “was different.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one who changed, but we moved on from him quickly.

To be honest, I still have no words for him…


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  1. “Handsome is as handsome does” as the saying goes. So sorry you had this experience, but glad you found out in time!

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