Do you and your friends do this: Dress up and purposely look cute, only to sing karaoke? I wasn’t sure if it was just us, but we tend to do this a lot. Karaoke is the one time we can sing through our frustrations, go crazy, and not be judged by how ridiculous we look. It’s a win/win indeed. But it was a few years ago when karaoke was the ultimate win for me!

It was a weekend night and per usual, the girls and I decided to blow off some steam (karaoke style). We were regulars by this point and knew almost everyone who showed up. Except, this particular evening someone new showed up.

That night, I was wearing all black with gold jewelry and minimal makeup. I also wore a hat to stay under the radar because I wasn’t in the mood to stand out that night. In fact, I wasn’t even going to sing, but my friends convinced me to do one song. Even though everyone was watching me, it felt like someone was burning a hole on my face, staring…

It was almost “last call” when some new guy got on stage to sing. He was average height, nice build and had a cute smile. Not to mention, he had a beautiful voice! This guy made the rest of us look bad, indeed! I remember calling him “The Karaoke King,”as it was a great performance to end the night. He was phenomenal!

However, it was what he did during the performance that shocked us all. I should’ve mentioned earlier that this particular karaoke spot was a live karaoke bar! You can imagine how serious people took their performances with having a live band playing behind them. This guy being one of them. He was definitely giving concert vibes!

About halfway into his song, he stopped singing and told the band to keep playing. He then told the audience he wanted to bring someone on stage to sing to. All of the women screamed and raised their hands to be chosen. My girls and I stayed in the corner and watched from afar. I actually thought it was pretty funny to see so many women fondle over this guy and crave for his attention. But what was even funnier was the girl he chose to sing to was me!

Like I said, I was purposely low key that evening and stayed in the corner to NOT draw attention to myself. So why did he have to pick me? I remember being frozen for a few seconds when he came over to me and walked me on stage. And guess what happened next? He really sang the rest of the song to me! I was embarrassed, mortified, captivated, and moved all at the same time. When the song ended he hugged me and kissed my hand. I thanked him and flew off the stage. My friends went crazy and I went straight for the door!

Before I could open the door, he stopped me and grabbed my hand. He held on to it for what seemed like hours, but it was more like 5 minutes.

Fun fact: He was the first guy to show me that if a man wants something he will stop at nothing to get it. His persistence got to me, so I caved in and gave him my number. By the time I reached my car, I knew this guy would be different!


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