Ever had someone come into your life, more than once? I’m sure you have. Some classify this as the “right person at the wrong time!” Well, Mr. James is that person for me.

(For confidentiality, all names are fictional.)

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that timing is indeed everything. With the right timing, true love can be inseparable and life changing. However, if the timing is off, love can’t manifest explosively. And with Mr. James… Our timing has sort of been all over the place, over the years.

After we decided to end things and strictly be friends (mentioned in part one), we actually kept hanging out. It was slightly weird because there was an unspoken connection, lingering between us, every time we were around each other. Not to mention, his friends and my friends became well acquainted with one another and we all enjoyed each other’s company. And of course, our families were thrown into the mix, which made things even more awkward. I can’t speak for him, but for me, my feelings were growing stronger. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could just “be friends!”

Then one day, I decided to pull back AGAIN. I know I know, I was digging a deeper hole for myself, as you can push someone away only so many times. But, I was going crazy being around him, knowing I messed up the first time around, while constantly regretting my choices. To this day, pushing him away is the only thing I regret in life. Truthfully, letting my past hurts win (back then), still sting. So I told myself that if he and I were to reconnect again, I would open up to him. And as The Lord would have it, Mr. James came full circle, out of nowhere!

It was years after we’d first met. Like I said earlier, over time our circle of friends blended very well together. His best friend invited me to a brand launching, wanting my assistance on a specific project. The only reason why I agreed to attend was because my friends told me Mr. James was out of town. Up to this point, I hadn’t seen him in two years and figured the coast would be clear, for this event.

I showed up with my friend and saw a lot of familiar faces. In fact, I caught up with Mr. James’ sister for a long time and laughed most of the evening with her. About 90 minutes into the event, there was still no sign of Mr. James, so I figured my friends were telling the truth and I decided to engage with some cute guys.

After connecting with different people, I noticed a guy not too far from me. He was gorgeous and he had on Timbs, yes I’m a sucker for Timberlands! I ran to my friend and pointed him out to her! Nevertheless, I was in a really good mood that night. And then Mr. James walked in…

I saw him out of my peripheral and instantly froze. Obviously, I did not (mentally) prepare myself to see him and wanted to scream. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice me and that I could somehow blend in with the crowd. Thus, I moved to a small corner.

He hadn’t changed a bit, to be honest. He was still upbeat, energetic and stylish, as he TOO wore Timbs! It was seriously bringing back deja vu to when we first met.

Mr. James increased the temperature in the room not only for me, but for quite a few women. I remember one lady running up to him and smiling way too hard in his face. I felt my blood boiling, but I didn’t want to show my anger. So, I remained on the other side of the room with my friend, making small glances to see what he was doing. Of course, the final time I decided to look in his direction, our eyes locked with each other. My anger immediately turned into anxiety because I wasn’t sure what would happen next…

Wait for it…

The minute he saw me, he excused himself from that thirsty chick and walked right over to me. Even sharing this part of the story makes me tear up, still. It was in that moment when I knew God was granting me an opportunity to open up to Mr. James much sooner than I had planned. Things indeed came full circle. The way he walked over to me and hugged me was priceless. I could tell that he missed me. Most importantly, I could tell that I missed him. 

We tried to catch up for as long as we could and decided to get tea, a few days later, to really talk. When I told the rest of my friends and my mother about that night, they all screamed. Everyone was (and still is) #teamjames. Tea couldn’t come fast enough!

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “The One That Got Away (Pt. 2)

  1. Wow! Full circle, indeed! That is exciting… I am curious to read how this will work out. Love your writing and had a good laugh about your clever use of animated gifs. Keep up the good work! Best wishes from the Netherlands. ^_^

  2. this gives me very wattpad story vibes. I love this concept and can’t wait for you to share more. Please do feel free to share your stories. I would love to hear them

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