It was brought to my attention that leaving you all hanging, after part two, was disrespectful! I hope you all can accept my apology and know that I only did that to add suspense. I figured a dramatic ending would bring the story texture, haha. But let’s get into this tea time…

(For confidentiality, all names are fictional.)

A few days after I ran into Mr. James (as mentioned in part two), we went to get some tea. I took him to my favorite cafe and introduced him to the best tea in town! Tea not only is a universal beverage, but it’s also a universal language… Both of which I was ready to enjoy that day!

I can’t even lie, I was a little shocked he actually showed up, only because he’s so busy. But, seeing that he made the time, gave me the courage to be transparent with him about my mistakes. It was now or never!

After we ordered our drinks and food (which he paid for), we sat down at a cute “two person” table. He ordered this dessert for us to share and of course I was melting inside. Mr. James has always been thoughtful, kind and gentle. He’s always had the qualities I desired in a man, I just couldn’t acknowledge that in the beginning of our connection. But, the time had finally come to acknowledge it all!

I was so nervous to share my heart and he reassured me everything would be ok. So I started things off by apologizing for how I treated him and then explained why I, initially, pushed him away. As hard as it was for me to be open about my past hurts, it was also freeing to release that pain. Come to find out, Mr. James had a similar experience with an ex, in helping her through some emotional hurts. Thus, he understood my heart and respected my process in healing. In that moment, I felt more stupid for not saying anything because I only pushed him away thinking he wouldn’t understand what I was going through (at the time) or how to be there for me. But it appears he would have…

Once I got over my few seconds of even more regret, I allowed Mr. James to share what was on his heart. And boy, was I shocked! It’s true when they say men are from mars and women are from venus.

Wait for it…

Mr. James thought I initially pulled back from him because I didn’t want to progress things with him. He then thought I stopped liking him and wanted nothing to do with him and friends/family. All of which he took personally and lowkey resented me for, a little. According to him, he would see my friends year after year, but would never see me, and always wondered what he did wrong. Talk about a come to Jesus moment! There were a lot of misunderstandings and assumptions that needed to be cleared up. And we did just that! We cleared the air, indeed. 

The reality was, I wanted EVERYTHING to do with Mr. James. I stopped coming around because of shame and embarrassment. I initially pulled back from him out of fear he would hurt me. Yet, all he wanted to do was be there for me and care for me. 

I’d say this was the start of turning a new leaf! Well, so I hoped. 

To be continued…


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